Best Car brand (Using Power BI)

This blog primarily aims to compare and distinguish among the variety of different car make and focus on the best car brand in New Zealand based on value for money and overall satisfaction as reviewed by their current users.

In today’s New Zealand, public transportation is not yet handy and convenient. Using train, Ferry or bus is very expensive as well as time consuming comparing using your own vehicle. Thousands of people need to travel everyday from home to work and to many other places. So, in this competitive generation using best car is very important to be in race of your destiny.

The following image will emphasize on the variety of car brands distinguished based on Value for money.

The above image clearly state that Suzuki is the only brand which does justice to the value of money invested by the buyer and on other hand BMW, FORD, HONDA, NISSAN, and MITSUBISHI are comparatively less appreciated by customers.

The following image will explain you about overall satisfaction of customers from car brands.

As you can see clearly, Suzuki has won the overall satisfaction criteria in all brands. Ford and Mitsubishi have been successful to only get 3 stars out of 5 for overall satisfaction.
So, I hope this blog is useful and will render a helping hand to every individual who is planning to soon own a car of his/her dream on basis of the overall satisfaction of the current users and their review in terms of Value for money.

The entire data has been extracted from a reputed research and rating website based in New Zealand. These pie charts are made by using power BI.
Thank you.