Business Intelligence For Smart Business Future

Business Intelligence is golden spoon term refer to computer software application used to analyse raw data of an organisation. Business intelligence contains data mining, processing, querying, and reporting. By using Business Intelligence company stakeholders get detail information of their company in very easy and clean reporting formats. And hence, they get success in making the right decision for company growth.

There are three main types of Business Intelligence process,
1. SSRS (SQL reporting services)
2. SSIS (SQL Integration services)
3. SSAS (SQL Analysis services)

These three types will be explained in next blogs for better understanding.

Following are some reports generated by me using Business Intelligence,

In the pie chart, you will find different types of Insurance sales in different cities. And using pie chart you will easily say which Insurance is doing well.

And now in the second example, you will find drill down report of Sales and KPI (Key Performance Indicator).

From the second example, you will get to know that whether sales are reaching their KPI's or not. And accordingly you can make decisions to improve it.

If you going to see results by just checking previous information then you might be get up doing something wrong for the company. And by using this tool you will get final information in a clean format. Which makes taking a decision very easy and safe.

Thank you
-Rohit A.