Cryptocurrency (History of Bitcoin)

This blog aims to give more insight on the uses of Power BI in the field of data analysis.
Cryptocurrency - the hot topic of discussion in all generations and ethnicity. Bitcoin has been the topic of discussion and has gathered all attraction from all over the world in cryptocurrency. Most of the people are unaware with the history of bitcoin, their starting price and its journey throughout.
My blog is a small attempt to emphasize on the history and the variance in the pricing structure of bitcoin using Power BI.
The information in the given images is derived from Wikipedia. ( If one decides to research on bitcoin prices from year 2010 then it’s way too much information to face and understand.
Following image is an example of what you will probably get on internet if you search for cryptocurrency details.

Above image is great source of information but at the same time its complex as well.
Using Power BI, we can see the same information in completely different format which is very easy to understand, and one can easily take his/her decision to buy bitcoin or not.

The above graphs and comparisons are generated using Power BI. As you can simply see they are very easy to understand and most people can understand growth rate of bitcoin in easiest way possible.
Many thanks,
-Rohit A.