Given a user story – Write acceptance driven develop test cases

The idea behind acceptance driven development is to write the acceptance test with the help of BA , product owner and developers in BDD format and then to handover them to development team for development:-
Lets take a user story

As a getskills customer
I want to be able to sign up as an employer 
so that I can post job work request 

As the story is about developing a sign up and login functionality there can be plenty of acceptance tests that can come out of this single user story

Scenario:Sign up with valid email

Given I open getskill website to signup 
when I enter the input detail in the sign up tool
And I click on submit 
Then I see that registration is successful

Scenario:- sign up with an invalid email

Given I open getskills website for signup 
when I enter invalid email in the signup form 
then I see a a warning “ please  enter valid email”

The other way of writing the same test

I->Open (
I->Click sign up
I->Fulfill (username: "")
I->Fulfill (password:tes )
I->Click ( submit )
I->See ( "Registration is successful")

As per my experience above techniques works really well when you are working on a configuration project when your BA are developing screens mock ups and your team developers are developing them Using the approach you can make sure that devs don’t miss any element on the screen
In codeception web driver module has already implemented all above functions so you, your BAs and even non technical product owner or manager can write these acceptance tests