Maximo to Nav Integration Test Automation

From last few months, GetSkills developers have been working on developing an open source Test automation suite for Maximo and Nav integration Test automation. This suite is now capable of running functional and integration automated tests across IBM Maximo and Microsoft Nav apps on a single click.

The whole integrated system is made up of a web-based system called IBM Maximo and a Windows app called Microsoft Nav. This solution has been developed by GetSkills developers for a New Zealand based leading Energy company.

Some of the complex tests were as following

Maximo to Nav Flow:

  1. Create a work order in Maximo
  2. Find them in Nav to confirm if the information was passed to Nav from Maximo
  3. Process the work order in Nav as a Job
  4. Find the Job in Maximo and validate if the Maximo Work order and Nav job has the same data

Nav to Maximo Flow:

  1. Create a purchase order in Nav
  2. Add lines to the purchase order and link Nav order no
  3. Send the purchase order for approval
  4. Process Approvals
  5. Validate if the items appear in Maximo after processing


The whole Test automation framework was developed using open source technologies like Java, Cucumber, Maven, Selenium , Winium and Robot. Jenkins was used as a CI/CD tool and slack was used to send instant feedback messages to the development teams.


At Getskills we have designed an "outcome-based test automation services" model.
Please contact us @ for a discussion regarding your test automation requirements.