Mobile Mortgage Managers (Multiple roles throughout New Zealand)

Job and Company Description :
Proudly New Zealand owned and independent - with a 166 year history of putting their customers’ first. Right now the Bank is going through an exciting period of growth, providing the opportunity to not only build your career, but leave your mark.

Candidate Type : Permanent
Salary : Between $75,000.00 and $85,000.00
Location : Auckland

Key Tasks Expected Results


To grow the business
as per agreed goals
 That new business opportunities are pro-actively sought out and targeted.
 That all activity is undertaken with target market considerations in mind, and in line with Bank lending credit policy.
 That conversion to Main Bank status is seen as pivotal to success.  That any referrals from within the Bank are followed up and documented within 24 hours.
 That collateral business services are promoted at all times in a timely manner.
 That existing customer relationships are maintained and future lending opportunities fostered.


To contribute to
annual and Quarterly
Regional Business
 That all plans are consistent with and contribute to the business goals and regional business plans.
 That major Mobile Mortgage Manager undertakings are specified Position Description
Development Plans and agreed to.
 That all planning strategy is quantified with timelines recorded.  That annual/quarterly business goals are set under consultation with Regional/Operational Managers.
To organise the
implementation of
business plans
 That personal resources are allocated in the most effective and profitable way.
 That all Bank policies and procedures are adhered to.  That all statutory/legal requirements are complied with.  That all business activity is consistent with and reinforces the Bank’s brand values and positioning goals.
 That all timelines are adhered to.

Business Development Programme

To monitor and
respond to market
 That competitor and market conditions are monitored.  That profitable and timely strategies are adopted, as required.  That customer needs, in product and service terms, are met.  That flexible operational hours and needs are accommodated. Networking Activity  To develop relationships and rapport with strategically influential
business groups (including professional sector, Chamber of
Commerce) within the region.
 To have knowledge of and establish relationships with local prime referral channels (Real estate agents and other
Representation  That representation of the Bank is professionally managed in
terms of Corporate service standards, at all times.
 That representation in strategically significant business circles and community based target groups is selectively undertaken.
 That representation or speaking engagement requests are accommodated within reasonable predefined parameters.
 That positive support is provided to colleagues with a common goal.

Relationship Management

To manage
strategically targeted
lending prospects
 To establish and manage business development activity within the Bank’s service culture philosophy.
 To coordinate acquisition and initial fulfillment activity.  To introduce converted prospects to Service Centre.  That quarterly opportunity/contact reviews are completed. Marketing Support
Marketing  That brand standards are adhered to in all activity/fulfillment
Position Description
 That adequate timeframes are allowed for development and collation of direct or targeted Marketing material.
 That fulfillment material meets/exceeds prospects expectations.  That all regulatory requirements are fulfilled and authorised/signed off in terms of the Bank’s compliance requirements.

Performance Monitoring

To monitor and
control business
 That key business performance measures are agreed, tracked and accurately reported on.
 That sales performance and service level standards are maintained.  That monthly Mobile Mortgage Manager reports are submitted within 5 working days of month end strategies.
 That major Mobile Mortgage Manager initiatives are analysed, outcomes evaluated, and refined to maximise growth opportunities.
 That performance analysis and quarterly strategy review is completed in conjunction with Direct Managers.

Budget Allocation

To operate within
Budget allocation
 That networking/hosting expenses are within required parameters.  That budget records are accurately maintained, controlled and adhered to.
 That efficient and cost effective operating procedures are adopted and maintained.
Discretionary Authority
To exercise
Authority within
defined limits
 That all lending is compliant with TSB Bank’s credit policy and accurately reflected in Loan Application records.
 That discretionary decision making is always in the best interests of the Bank.
 That Lending discretion is exercised within delegated criteria and limits.
 That Business undertakings are within target market criteria and budget.

Generic Responsibilities

 Keep up to date with and comply with all Bank policy and procedures.  At all times demonstrate the Bank’s core values:  Integrity  Innovation,  People First  Keep it Simple  One team Position Description
 Make use of the Bank’s communication channels, particularly the intranet, to ensure that your workplace knowledge is up to date and that you are aware of changes as they occur.
 Embrace change and act as a change agent –accepting, embedding and reinforcing change in the workplace.
 Comply with all health and safety polices, directions and instructions and ensure that in the performance of duties not to undermine own health and safety or the health and safety of any
other person. Be continually mindful of the Bank’s Health and Safety Policy :
 No business objective will take priority over health and safety.  All incidents are preventable.  Whilst management have ultimate accountability, we all have responsibility for health, safety and wellness.
 All employees have the responsibility to stop any job they believe is unsafe or cannot be continued in a safe manner.
Organisational Competencies
 Change readiness Adapts to change positively and understands the rationale for change. Willing to learn new
processes and systems. Welcomes change and encourages others to accept change. Acts a
change advocate and champion.
 Risk/Compliance Achieves a standard of excellence with work processes and outcomes, adhering to all policies
and all regulatory requirements.
 Drive for Results Focuses on achieving targets and objectives. Strives to achieve.
 Developing Self and Others Actively works to continuously improve self. Admits flaws and mistakes. Identifies specific areas
for self-improvement. Asks for help when having difficulty. Chooses to learn and grow from
 Planning and Organising Plans ahead and organises time and resources effectively and efficiently.

 Problem Analysis and Decision Making Solves problems as they arise. Makes decisions appropriate to role. Accepts responsibility for

From time to time there may be additional activity not contained within this position description that the
appointee is to complete in the interests of the appointment and their own personal development.
Position Description
This position description provides a broad overview of responsibilities. The position description is a living
document and the Bank reserves the right to amend from time to time as required.