Public Data Insights using Power BI

Power BI is a business intelligence solution developed by Microsoft to convert data into information. Power BI is a self-service tool delivered using Microsoft Excel and Office 365. Using Power BI, users can generate charts and reports for data analysis and data visualization purposes.

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Microsoft Power BI not only works with Office 365 and Excel but also integrates with SharePoint 2013, SQL Server, Access and other data sources.

Currently Housing is the hot topic Lets see insights of House sale prices in Albany ,Devon port and Takapuna Districts..

Public Data Source:

Here we use Power BI to convert this data to visually rich reports or dashboards.

Below is the report generated from the public dataset using Power BI

There are loads of public data/dataset available online in various fields Like Education, Sports, Finance, Healthcare, government etc.. you name it..

We can use Power BI to get insights,create reports and dashboards. etc..

I am going to publish more articles to show how Business intelligence can help organizations to get visibility and achieve there targets..