Power BI (Using public data)

Power BI is an application use in the Business intelligence sector. Power BI is a product of Microsoft. It is very successful in all Business industries.

Power BI is helping hand in Business Intelligence with very easy and simple handling which will not make you confuse in data. Plus, Power BI is the only solution from Microsoft which supports all data sources. You name it and you will find it in Power BI.

In this blog, I will explain how easy and simple is using Power BI even for publicly available data( Websites).
The following example is very famous Kiwi in New Zealand. Most favourite and respectable formal cricket player in Blackcaps. Mr.Brendon McCullum is formal captain of team Blackcaps. And the following data is Test Centuries scored by Brendon.( from Wikipedia)

Now, you will get all valuable information in very easy format using Power BI.

This is a very simple example on How you can use Public data in Power BI. In every sector from Hotel industry to an IT industry, Power BI is a really important tool.

Thank you,
-Rohit A.