Recall the basic concepts of Agile software development based on the Agile manifesto( KI)

The core objective of Agile software development is to deliver the products faster to the customer. Unlike traditional software development model , Agile encourage team to get the fast feedback on the delivered product, fail fast, adapt from the learning and finally deliver a working software at the end of each sprint.
The basic principles of Agile software development has been identified by Agile. It says people over processes; briefly it means instead of filling people in the team to follow a particular process in a team , Let the people take the responsibility on identifying what is better for the team and themselves
The second principle is to have a working software over a comprehensive documentation. As per my understanding it means there is no point in producing heavy documentations for requirements, project plans, test summary reports etc. if your product is not going to be delivered on time. The focus should be on delivering a working software at the end of each interval agreed by the team
Working software would give more confidence than just looking at the documation for months. Having said it doesn't mean that team should not document anything at all.There are some really good tools e.g. wiki and confluence that can be used to create a living documentation. The advantage of these work is that you can work on a page and comment against the page. So become more interactive documentation and far more useful than static dead end word documentations on sharepoint.
Customer collaboration is the third principle identified in Agile Manifasto. It means the customer feedback has now become the core of a better software delivery. Demo at the end of sprint and the feedback gathered from the customer during the demo is the key to the success of the project.
Being responsive to change is the final and one of the most important principle of Agile.For fresh software project we don’t know how the customer would react to the demo. He might ask to change the whole technology or design. Adaptability is the key to the good relationship management with the client and also customer expectations management