Salesforce Test Automation

GetSkills Labs Team ( has built an out of the box Salesforce Test Automation framework that you can plug in directly into your Salesforce Implementation projects. This is a highly configurable and fast test automation framework , that can be customized as per your salesforce configuration implementations in a very short time.

Here are some cool features of this framework:


Once you have this framework , any one from your project team including testers, BAs, devs and even SMEs can run salesforce automation on their local machines without any licensing cost. Unlike paid Test automation tools we don't tie you on per machine or installation model. It is highly portable and can run on any platform e.g Windows, Linux and Mac

Salesforce Test Automation Demo using Selenium Web Driver and Codeception BDD Framework

Performance Stats: 6 Salesforce Tests - 4.5 minutes


This framework can be integrated really well with a stack of Docker containers with Selenium images. It helps you to run your hundreds of test cases in a distributed environment of these docker containers. So instead of waiting for your 100 test cases for hours , we can distribute these hundred into batches of 10 across these 10 docker containers. So you can get the feedback on your deployment in few minutes instead of hours.

Salesforce Test Automation Demo using Selenium Docker Containers and Codeception BDD Framework

Performance Stats: 6 Salesforce Tests - 2.9 minutes


Now you can run your salesforce automated tests on the cloud and keep the recording of each execution. You can share these recordings with your Subject Matter experts and business to give them confidence on your Salesforce Implementation.

Cloud Test Automation Demo using Browserstack Cloud platform

We were able to integrate our Salesforce Test Automation framework with Browserstack Cloud Testing platform successfully. It can run your salesforce tests on any platform configuration e.g Mac and Safari, Windows and IE , Windows and Firefox etc

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