SSRS (SQL Reporting Services)

SSRS is very important and most stunning part in Business Intelligence. If I start telling you about the advantage of Reporting services then this blog will not enough for an explanation. There are so many advantages of this wonderful service. Followings are some of the advantages of using SSRS.

-Faster delivery of information to the business, providing better decision support.

-No need to repeat parameters.

-Reports get generated in XML formats which allow you direct editing when required.

-You can export your final report in multiple formats. For e.g. HTML (MHTML), Excel, Acrobat, CSV, Image, and XML.

-Get fit very well into MS environment and adjust easily with it.

-Specify different URL to show specific report which saves valuable timing.

-Business stakeholders can easily understand the status of different sectors in the company.

By using SSRS, one can generate reports in fifteen different types. For e.g. Matrix, Table, Subreport, Chart, Gauge etc.
Following are some example of reports generated by me,

These are just sample reports (Can't show real reports due to company policies).

Thank you.
-Rohit A.