An Introduction to Docker Containers and Kitematic

As the name suggests Docker Containers is virtually a container which encapsulates a complete file system i.e. code, system tools, libraries etc. They are really lightweight because of the fact that they use same operating system kernel as our machine. Also its open to all the users and we can run containers on all major Linux distributions and windows operating systems. The applications run in isolated environment in each container and there is an added layer of protection for the application.
For the purpose of implementation of Docker Containers we are using Kitematic. It is an open source tool which automates Docker installation and setup process. It also provides graphical user interface (GUI) for running docker containers. We can use GUI to manage, run and create the containers by just clicking the buttons. By using Kitematic we can also switch back and forth between GUI and Command line interface (CLI).
The Kitematic GUI looks something like this

To the right hand side we can see a number of containers which can be downloaded directly. In the left side we have list of containers that we have created for our use. You can run a number of containers simultaneously in your machine depending upon its capabilities.

Kanav Chadha

Kanav Chadha has been a member of Getskills ltd as an advisor and consultant . He specializes in Automation Testing, Continuous Integration, IoT and Integration Testing.