Write testable user stories in collaboration with developers and business representatives

User stories defines the features of the products you are going to deliver in your project. Most common way of writing uses stories is by using

As a 
I want to 
so that 

format. Following are a few examples :

  As a getskills alummi 
  I want to add a story feature on  getskill website 
  So that viewer can read my story.

As a getskills story reader
I want to share the  success stories on <social Media>                                                        So that whole social network can see and get impressed

|Social Media|

As a getskills admin 
I want to mange and publish the stories 
So that I can control the frequency of stories going      out to the customers everyday.

These stories can be written by the Business Analysts with the inputs from the product owner and subject matter experts. For out of box implementation of a product sometimes product companies give a set of story cards for its implementations e.g. I worked on a Guidewire implementation project in an company in New Zealand, We had to implement and out of box solution for this project Guidewire gave a set of user stories cards including screen mock ups business rules and validation UI fields specifications and acceptance criteria . For the implementation our Business Analyst just updated the existing story card as per company business process requirements