Agile Activities & Benefits

Daily Scrum meeting - Impediments are resolved immediately, Team in sync about progress and approach for further development.

Sprint Backlog - Team aware of deliverables, Team is able to finalize acceptance criteria.

Product Backlog - Management and Team is aware of final deliverable, Release planning can be done on basis of business values in Product Backlog.

Release Planning - Team will be aware of code movement and will be able to plan for current sprints accordingly, Management will get periodic review of potentially marketable product.

Sprint Planning - Team will be able to focus on short term goals, Management will be able to get clear picture of efforts and progress.

Sprint Estimation - Standard Estimation techniques like planning poker lead to more accurate estimations, Contribution of team will lead to more clarifications and correctness.

Coding Standards - Uniformity in code will ultimately lead to higher code quality and lower defect count.

Requirements review sessions - All the requirements will be clear to team with brainstorming about implementation technique will help to achieve optimized code.

Multiple code review sessions - Code review will make sure about higher quality and consistency throughout application.

Regression testing - Helps to stabilize application and end to end functionality thoroughly testes.

Intermittent Retrofitting - Sprints Provides time to fix all aging defects, Team able to go through changes in requirements to accommodate missing changes, QA team able to focus on regression testing.