BA Interview Questionnaire

  1. What are the different phases of SDLC?
  2. What is requirements analysis?
  3. What constitutes requirements analysis?
  4. What sort of requirements have you addressed in your project/product?
  5. Mention some of the tools commonly used by business analyst?
  6. What problems did you run into while gathering requirements?
  7. How would you transform business requirements into functional requirements?
  8. How do you resolve issues?
  9. What is the career path for a BA?
  10. What analysis and modelling techniques do you use to translate business objectives into system requirements?
  11. What are the problems solved by business analysis?
  12. What is the difference between data model and an entity relationship diagram?
  13. Mention the components of UML?
  14. Why is business analyst position vital in an organisation?
  15. Mention the differnce between business process improvement and business process reengineering?
  16. How important is software knowledge for a business analyst and why?
  17. What is UML?
  18. What can a BA do differently than project manager or design architect?
  19. Where would you document functional and non-functional requirements?
  20. What is the relationship between use case and test case?
  21. How would you handle a scenario when requirements change midway in the project?
  22. How do you follow business rules in a project while working on a project?
  23. What is a traceability matrix and how do you use it?
  24. What is a JAD session?
  25. How do you handle the situation when users are not co-operative hole gathering requirements?
  26. What is your approach to solving problems?
  27. How do you manage risk in project?
  28. What types of questions do you ask when gathering data for requirements?
  29. How to realize clients requirements in the software?
  30. How do you design a software process model?
  31. What constitutes process modelling?
  32. What are basics steps involved in modelling a process (or) what are the parameters that you consider while designing a process?
  33. Describe the purpose and utility of use cases as a functional requirements model?
  34. What is context analysis?
  35. How do you benchmark your product?
  36. What is product positioning, competitor analysis, gap analysis, best of the breed etc.?
  37. What are the various UML diagrams that you do while realizing the requirement specs?
  38. What are the documents that you prepare while process study/design?
  39. Concepts of analysis &I design OOAD?
  40. Explain different business models?
  41. How do you convert your business models to system models?