Dealing With Ambiguity

How to eat an elephant?
Do you have an elephant?
What is your elephant?
How big is your elephant?

If you view the elephant as one giant goal, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Why not enjoy the bites along the way? If you ask somebody what goal they’re working on, what kind of answer do you think you’ll get? Assuming they even have goals, they’ll probably say they’re working on something really big, maybe even something that will make them feel like they’ve achieved their purpose.

It’s not just about big goals

Long term goals are great, but for every long term goal you have, you want to have many short and medium term goals.

The beauty of small goals

When you have small goals, there are a couple of advantages. First, a small goal gives you something concrete to focus on. Second, you enjoy the satisfaction of achieving a goal and enjoying the benefits. Even if it’s a small goal, you feel good for checking it off your to-do list (whether it’s on paper or just in your head).

One bite at a time!!!