Microsoft Power Apps Course (Using Virtual Classrooms)

Microsoft Power apps ( is a Low code development platform to build and launch apps within days. As it is a low code platform , your teams can easily learn and start contributing. If your organisation is moving towards Microsoft Cloud, this course can bring a huge productivity increase for your teams.
GetSkills has engaged NZ a top MS Power apps specialist to deliver this course for you and your team.

Course Price : 500 NZD (Including GST)

Day 1
Common Data Service - Introduction
• Understanding Common Data Service (Theory/Slides) - 1 hr o High Level Overview
o Entities, Fields
o Entity Relationships
o Business Rules
• Demo CDS - .5 hr • User Practical CDS - 1 hr 2.5 hr

Day 1
PowerApps - Introduction
• PowerApps overview (Theory/Slides) - 1 hr Canvas App
o Building a new app from a data source
o Add, edit and remove controls
o Intro to Formulas
• Demo PowerApps - .5hr • User Practical - 1 hr • Testing/Publish Overview (Theory/Slides) - .5 hr

• Model Driven App Overview - .5hr
3.5 hr

Day 2
PowerApps Integration (Theory/Slides) - 1 hr
• Embed PowerApps in Teams • Embed PowerApps in SharePoint Online • Demo - 1 hr

Administration and Maintenance of PowerApps (Theory/Slides) - .5 hr
2.5 hr

Day 2
Microsoft Automate (Theory/Slides) - 1 hr
• Microsoft Automate Overview o Benefits/Get started
o Flow Logic/Integration
o Administration and Maintenance

• Demo (.5 hr) • User Practical (1hr) 2.5 hr

Day 3
App in a Day - Practical
• This includes end to end App making using CDS -> PowerApps -> MS Automate 8 hr

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