Power BI (Avondale college is in Top 20 in terms of Scholarships).

Many people know about Scholarships in New Zealand schools. But when it comes to Auckland they only think of some famous schools or colleges like Auckland Grammar School, Mount Albert grammar school, Epsom Girl's Grammar School and Mount Roskill Grammar School and they neglect some names like Avondale College with 41 Scholarships.
Yes, you read it correctly. Avondale college proudly stands in top 20 colleges in New Zealand in terms of Scholarships.

In this blog, you will get to know about top 28 schools/ colleges in overall New Zealand in which Avondale college firmly stands in top 20.
Following reports are made by using Power BI.

If you have a look on above reports which are generated using Power BI,you will easily get an idea about Avondale college rank in terms of Scholarships in New Zealand.

-Rohit A.