User Stories

What are User Stories?

  • In software development, the product features play a critical role. It is the features (functionality) that the user likes to use in the final product.
  • User stories are the requirements in the general terminology.
  • User story is narrated from user perspective regarding what he (or) she wants (functional requirements) to have rather what system can do for him (non-functional requirements).

The User Story Structure

The User Story structure is as follows:

As a Type of User

I want To Perform Some Task

So that I can achieve some goal/benefit/value

Benefits of User Stories

  • Major benefit of User Story lies in the user centric definition itself.
  • It connects the end users to the team members.
  • The syntax of the User Story itself ensures to capture the gaol or benefit or value that the user wants to achieve.
  • It is possible to make changes to a user story in course of the execution of the project.
  • If the scope of the User Story becomes large, it can be split into smaller user stories.
  • Less surprises and very useful for projects involving change.