Using BrowserStack for remote testing using Codeception

One of the primary requirements of the client is to test their application on different browsers and platforms. Browsers further have different versions, therefore it becomes a tedious task to test an application on all these platforms. Normally testers make use of virtual machines and other tools which can simulate various browsers, but this approach is very time and resource consuming.
BrowserStack ease down this task to a great extent by providing browser based virtualization service and cross-browser testing at a single point.

BrowserStack in Automation Testing

This blog is primarily concerned with using browserstack for automation testing purposes. At Getskills we are using Codeception as automation tools for automating test cases. BrowserStack provides and excellent solution for running these test cases in different browsers, platforms and browser versions.
The first step is to add capabilities in configuration file of codeception project. The tool used for editing the configuration is Eclipse.

As shown in the image a new environment is set up for running test cases in browserstack. Then we have to specify capabilities like operating system , operating system version, platform etc. When we run the test cases it gets saved in the form of text and visual reports and downloadable videos which are shown below

Therefore we can say conclusively that browserstack is a really viable option for automation testers out there as it saves a lot of efforts and resources used. I hope this blog will help readers to gain knowledge about possibilities in automation testing.

Kanav Chadha

Kanav Chadha has been a member of Getskills ltd as an advisor and consultant . He specializes in Automation Testing, Continuous Integration, IoT and Integration Testing.